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The name sounded to me like something related to the Ku Klux Klan when I first heard about it, but nothing could be further from the truth. The group is an assembly of ascended masters from all over creation, with different functions and tasks. For many, their task is to assist the spiritual transformation of people living on Earth. Unfortunately, the very name prevents many people from taking them too seriously, thinking the group and those associated with it as racist or sexist. The term was created at the beginning of the twentieth century by ordinary people.

Personal beliefs, social customs, and historical time period influence the experience of spirit work, but so many constants remain. In these constants we find the threads of truth to weave our own experiences. Past Lives Ordinary people are delving into the realms of hypnosis and pastlife regressions. By actively participating in these explorations, recalling past lessons through triumphs and tragedies, they explore their own spirits. These techniques bring better understanding of their present life patterns and their intrinsic immortality.

54 Chapter Five: Learning to Play ...................... 81 Chapter Six: Meeting Your Spirit Allies ................ 104 Chapter Seven: Playing Twenty Questions with Spirit Guides .............................. 110 Chapter Eight: Finding the Animal Within .............. 125 Chapter Nine: Calling on Protective Spirits ............. 134 Chapter Ten: Working in the Elemental World ........... 161 Chapter Eleven: Building a Better Spirit ............... 170 Chapter Twelve: Making the Connection to the Higher Self .

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