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By F. William Engdahl

This ebook is a gripping account of the murky international of the overseas oil and its function in global politics. Scandals approximately oil are customary to so much folks. From George W. Bush's election victory to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US politics and oil get pleasure from a controversially shut dating. the U.S. economic system depends the inexpensive and limitless offer of this unmarried gasoline. William Engdahl takes the reader via a heritage of the oil industry's grip at the international economic climate. His revelations are startling.

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Oil had opened the door for a terrifying new mobility in modern warfare during the course of the war. The German campaign in Romania, under Field Marshal von Mackensen, had the priority of reorganizing into a single combine, Steaua Romana, the previously English, Dutch, French and Romanian oil-refining, production and pipeline capacities. Romania during the course of the war was the only secure German petroleum supply for her entire air force, tank forces, and U-boat fleet. The British campaign in the Dardanelles, the disastrous defeat at Gallipoli, was undertaken to secure the oil supplies of the Russian Baku for the Anglo-French war effort.

Further, Britain was to get the ports of Haifa and Acre, and the rights to build a railway from Haifa through the French zone to Baghdad and to use it for troop transport. 4 Out of these secret Sykes–Picot paragraphs, the British created the arbitrary divisions which largely exist through the present day, including the creation of Syria and Lebanon as French ‘protectorates,’ and Trans-Jordan, Palestine (Israel), Iraq and Kuwait as British entities. Persia, as we have seen, had been in effective British control since 1905, and Saudi Arabia was considered at that point unimportant to Engdahl 01 chap01 42 24/8/04 8:17:58 am Oil Becomes the Weapon, the Near East the Battleground 43 British strategic interests—one of their few major blunders, as they were later to realize to their great dismay.

The Fashoda Crisis as it became known, ended in a de facto Anglo-French balance-of-power alliance against Germany, in which France foolishly ceded major opportunities to industrialize Africa. The decision to send the French Expeditionary Force under Marchand to Fashoda for a head-on military confrontation with Britain in Africa came from Colonial Minister Théophile Delcassé. Britain had steadily moved to what became a de facto military occupation of Egypt and the Suez Canal, despite French claims to the area going back to Napoleon.

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