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By Amrit Rai

This linguistic examine investigates the starting place of the language Hindi/Hindavi and the complicated explanations which ended in its department into separate tongues - sleek Hindi and sleek Urdu.

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Fifrft^, *6 s« jgf 7 ft? H **F - * # * 4 1 ^ 10 ES fsi| fe O A Poisoned Arrow: The Secret Report of the 10llT Panchen Lama 10 [cong feng/ian] Therefore, the monastic and secular masses of all strata in Tibet have feelings of respectful love, support and gratitude towards the Chinese Communist Party and the great leader Chairman Mao, and wifl never forget it was them who saved them from the bitterness of the rule of the feudal serf-owning system and placed them in the happiness of people's democracy; and they feel enthusiastic admiration for the nationalities of the whole country with the Han nationality at their head and for the PLA and cadres based in Tibet.

Historical relations between China and Tibet are never explicitly discussed in this text, as they are not directly relevant to the petitioner's purpose; he has to accept that Tibet is part of China, in order to make his criticism "legitimate". However, there are evidential clues about the Panchen Lama's nuanced understanding of the complexities of Sino-Tibetan relations, indicating in particular that Tibet's political status is different from that of other national minorities in the PRC. For example, he writes that although Tibet "has been under the jurisdiction" of China for "several hundred years", Tibet functioned historically as a separate political entity.

After the entry into Tibet of the People's Liberation Army (PLAJ5 and cadres of all nationalities, under the leadership of the Party, Chairman Mao and the Central People's Government, and also under the direct leadership and control of the CCP Tibet Work Committee [Zhonggong Xtzang gongzuo weiyuanhut] which was headed by the representative of the central authorities, Zhang Jingwu6, the PLA and cadres have whole-heartedly and selflessly done innumerable good things for the people of Tibet. This is evident to me and to all Tibetan people, male and female, old and young.

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