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By Etienne Nodet

Translated by means of J. Edward Crowley. This radical reconstruction of the origins of Judaism begins by means of watching that Josephus's resources at the early background of Israel don't consider the Bible and that the oldest rabbinic traditions express no signal of a biblical starting place. one other fascinating query is raised through the Samaritan declare, on the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, they had just recently obtained the Sabbath from the Jews. From such information, Nodet creates a complete line of argument that unearths significant assets of Judaism, as symbolized within the subtitle of his paintings: Joshua used to be the person who confirmed in the community in writing a statute and a legislation on the Shechem meeting, whereas the Mishnah used to be the final word metamorphosis of traditions introduced from Babylon and mixed with Judaean influences.

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Persian influence is hardly noticeable in material culture, but is much clearer in administrative matters, which can be seen from the seals and coins;28 at the end of the fifth century there is evidence of decentralization. These conclusions are consistent with what we know from texts about Persian imperial policy. They can provide a context for the struggle for the control of Jerusalem, but they do not help decide which side had the legitimate claim. Nehemiah's Persian mandate was therefore problematic for the first mission; it was likewise for the second, since he clearly acted on his own authority.

4. From Alexander to Antiochus IV Epiphanes After the death of Alexander in 323, the situation in the region was rather confused, because of rivalries among the claimants: the satrap of Egypt, Ptolemy, wished to control Phoenicia and occupied Coele-Syria including Palestine three times, but twice had to fall back immediately. In 1. From Cyrus to the Mishnah 39 301, following the battle of Ipsus, the empire of Alexander was gradually split up into four kingdoms, including the Lagides in Egypt and the Seleucids in Transeuphrates.

51. J. Harrington, The Maccabaean Revolt: Anatomy of a Biblical Revolution (Old Testament Studies, 1; Wilmington, DE: Michael Glazier, 1988). 52. Cf. R. Doran, Temple Propaganda: The Purpose and Character of 2 Maccabees (CBQMS, 12; Washington: Catholic Biblical Association, 1981), p. 84, 46 A Search for the Origins of Judaism of Judas, with the institution of the commemoration of the victory over Nicanor, a Seleucid general (corresponding to 1 Mace. 48). This victory was in fact the repulse of a last attempt by the fallen high priest Alcimus to be restored to office.

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