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By David Gelernter

America-Lite (where all of us dwell) is rather like the United States, basically became an entertainment park or a online game or a supersized Pinkberry, the place the prior and destiny are clean and there's just a gigantic NOW.

How did we come to anticipate no advantage and loads cynicism from our tradition, our leaders—and every one other?

In this refreshingly judgmental publication, David Gelernter connects the ancient dots to bare a stealth revolution conducted by means of post-religious globalist intellectuals who, probably, "can't run their very own universities or scholarly fields, yet are very definite they could run you." those imperial teachers have deployed their scholars into the head echelon of professions as soon as monopolized through staid and regular WASPs. during this easy method, they've got put in themselves because the new precise drivers of yank culture.

Imperial teachers reside in an international of conception; they hold forth disdain for mere evidence and for old school fact-based judgments like precise or fake. Schoolchildren are often taught theories approximately background rather than real history—they research, for instance, that each one countries are both great apart from the US, that's almost always nasty.

With educational specialists to do our considering for us, we've courteously close up and allow second-raters take the wheel. in truth, we have now passed the keys to the megastar student and teacher's puppy of the post-religious globalist intellectuals, whose election to the presidency of the U.S. constituted the last word international crew hug.

How will we ultimately face the reality and come back into the driver's seat? America-Lite ends with a one-point plan.

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