Download Analytic Trigonometry With Applns. 10th ed. [intro txt] by R. Barnett, et. al., PDF

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By R. Barnett, et. al.,

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13. 00 in. long, how far does the tip of the hand travel in exactly 20 min? 14. 25°. Which is larger? Explain how you obtained your answer. 21Њ 39Њ 120Њ 120Њ (a) (b) 39Њ 21Њ (c) Figure for 6 15. Use a calculator to: (A) Convert 67°42Ј31Љ to decimal degree form. 317° to degree-minute-second form. 16. Perform the following calculations on a calculator and write the results in DMS form: (A) 82°14¿37– - 16°32¿45– (B) 3(13°47¿18– + 95°28¿51–) 17. 6 * 10-4 mm.

There are six possible ratios of the lengths of these three sides. FIGURE 2 Hypotenuse c b Opposite side u b c a c b a c b c a a b a Adjacent side These ratios are referred to as trigonometric ratios, and because of their importance, each is given a name: sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), cosecant (csc), secant (sec), and cotangent (cot). 2) to explain why the value of any of the six trigonometric ratios for that angle is independent of the size of the triangle. cЈ c b bЈ u u a aЈ The trigonometric ratios should be learned.

How high is the dam? 9. Surveying You have walked 21 m away from a tree. At that point the angle of elevation to the top of the tree is 75°. How tall is the tree? 10. Flight A large airplane (plane A) flying at 31,000 ft sights a smaller plane (plane B) traveling at an altitude of 28,000 ft. The angle of depression is 37°. What is the line-of-sight distance between the two planes? 11. Surveying When the sun’s angle of elevation is 41°, a building casts a shadow of 38 m. How high is the building?

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