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By Peter Gelderloos

This booklet takes examples from worldwide, choosing via heritage and anthropology, exhibiting that individuals have, in several methods and at diverse occasions, validated mutual reduction, self-organization, autonomy, horizontal determination making, and so forth--the rules that anarchy is based on--regardless of whether or not they referred to as themselves anarchists or now not. Too good documented to be strictly mythology, and too generalized to be strictly anthropology, this is often an inspiring solution to the folks who say that anarchists are utopian: a point-by-point advent to how anarchy can and has truly labored.

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That of socialist slaves fell. The rate of reproduction among privately owned slaves was positive. ”3 Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Democracy: The God That Failed 44 PIG Capitalism FM-Ch8 2/20/07 4:36 PM Page 45 Slavery: Product of Capitalism or of Government? ) If slavery was so profitable to the exploiters, then why was the free North able to crush the slave-ridden South? Why did Union fleets blockade the South and Northern factories churn out far greater supplies for troops, rather than vice versa? It is true that there were wealthy individual Southerners, and wealthy Southern cities, but the North’s free labor economy and its focus on productive investment made it an industrial titan to the South’s (comparative) rural backwater, in the same way that Europe and the United States are economic titans compared to the largely agricultural economies of the world.

Moreover, the free market encourages sound conservation and stewardship, while government policies cause waste and needless pollution. Rhinos versus cows Private property rights encourage people to conserve resources for future use much more than any government regulations do. Pop quiz: What’s the difference between bald eagles, white rhinos, and giant pandas on one hand, versus talking parrots, dairy cows, and thoroughbred horses on the 49 Guess what? i Free markets encourage conservation. i The best way to save endangered species is to make them commodities.

The tragedy is that this waste—one-fourth of the black students don’t graduate at MIT—is completely unnecessary. The average black student at MIT is well above the national average on math tests. He is just not in the stratospheric level of other MIT students. At most colleges, universities, or technical institutes, these same black students would be on the dean’s list. In short, black students with every prospect of success are artificially turned into failures by being mismatched with their college.

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