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By Nevada Barr

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A vintage computer, the likes of which any self-respecting grade school would turn its nose up at, sat dusty and forlorn in one corner. A deceased roach had turned up six feet worth of toes and lay in the dust beneath a counter built into the far wall and serving as a desk. An office chair, its once ergonomically correct back sprung out of alignment by weight or abuse, awaited her administrative behind. Still Anna was pleased. A real office, four walls and a door. She was moving on up in the world.

If you eat spiders, I'll ask Piedmont to let you live," she told them. Saying the eat's name reminded her of her responsibilities. Having rescued the orange tiger cat from the Rambler, she establisbed him, a litter box, food and water in one of the back bedrooms, opened the door of his carrier and shut the door to the hall to let him acclimatize to one small piece of real estate at a time. Back in the living room, she realized she had no idea where she was headed. The U-Haul had her goods locked up and, at the moment, she hadn't the energy for moving heavy objects.

Back, and she'd ram the topmost branches down over the trailer and onto the roof of the Car. "Well, shit," she confided in the dog and stood a moment hoping things would be different. She could unhitch the trailer, drive off and return for it-or what was left of it-with the proper equipment. Assuming the Natchez Trace Parkway bad the proper equipment. Home was in that white and orange box, and a deep unsettling unease boiled up at the thought of leaving it on the side of a strange road in a strange land.

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